Morning polls for Apr 6: Ko maintains lead in top Seoul battleground

  • Ko Min-jeong, the Democratic nominee in Seoul’s fierecely-contested Gwangjin B district in the east of Seoul just north of the river (featuring Konkuk University station), continues maintains a solid lead over UFP nominee and former Seoul mayor Oh Sye-hoon. Ko’s lead was 9 points in a poll from late March, and now her lead is 8 points in a poll of voters from April 3-4 by Research & Research. This seat was previously in Democratic hands.
  • The Democrats are trying to gain a seat in the Ganghwa County district, which includes Ganghwa island, the northernmost island west of Incheon and north of the Incheon airport, and a survey by JoWon C& I published in the Gyeongi Daily shows the Democratic nominee in the lead. Democrat Jo Taek-sang leads UFP nominee Bae Jun-yeong 44.8% to 38.6%. In 2016, Bae lost to a conservative independent by 1 point.
  • Democrat Lee So-yeong leads UFP nominee Sin Gyeo-yong 39.4% to 32.5% in Uiwang city’s district, which is located south of Seoul and north of Suwon. The Democrats won the seat in 2016, but Lee is new to the seat.

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