Democrats’ nemesis Na Kyung-won takes lead in Seoul’s battleground Dongjak B district

A new survey just reported in Korea by JoWon C&I, commissioned by the Gugmin Ilbo and CBS found UFP incumbent Na Kyung-won in the lead by 3 points in the battleground district of Dongjak B, one of the most hotly contested in the country.

As I wrote in the Korea Times in March, the Democratic Party would like nothing more than defeating Na. As Liberty Korea Party floor leader in 2019, Na led the occupation-style protests of the Democrats’ proposed electoral reform bill all year long. The conservative LKP, which would later remake itself as the UFP this February, occupied entire rooms, blocked access to the Assembly, and even barricaded a member of an different party in his office for six hours. The Democrats pushed through the electoral reform bill in late December.

The Democrats nominated a former progressive judge to take on Na. Democratic nominee Lee Soo-jin was leading in multiple polls earlier, by as much as 12 in one poll.

But the poll by C&I over April 4-5 shows Na leading 44.1% to 40.9%. Dongjak B will likely be a close race down to April 15, but if Na holds onto her apparent lead and wins, she will be one of the few women to hold the same seat for five terms.

April 8 is the final day polls can be released, and today is April 7 in Korea.

Other results in the poll showed:

  • former Democratic Prime Minister Lee Nak-won leading former LKP/UFP Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn 52.2% to 37.1% in Seoul’s politically-central Jongno district, home of the Blue House;
  • in Seoul’s Guru B, Democratic nominee Yoon Geon-young leads UFP nominee Kim Yong-tae 42.5% to 37.5%
  • in Dongdaemun B, Democrat Jang Gyeong-tae leads the UFP’s Lee Hye-hun 39.3% to 33.5%
  • in Gyeongi’s Koyangjong, the UFP nominee Kim Hyeon-a leads Democratic nominee Lee Yong-oo 46.4% to 42.2%

Source: [조원C&I] 동작을-구로을-동대문을-경기고양정 ‘접전’… 종로만 민주 우세 

UPDATE: Lee leads other poll — A new poll by Embrain, commissioned by the Munhwa Daily, was published April 7 afternoon in Korea with Lee leading Na 47.2% to 34.3%, back to her previous margin. Overall, Lee leads in the vast majority of the polls that have been released.

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