Democratic Party increases lead in national tracking polls with 2 weeks to go

With two weeks until South Korea’s 21st General Election, the Democratic Party of Korea (Minjoo Dang) has a solid 14.6 point lead in the latest survey of voters’ approval ratings of each party.

The liberal Democratic Party has maintained a clear lead, with an approval rate over 40 percent, in each survey since late February. Meanwhile, the conservative United Future Party has declined for the first time in four weeks. After gaining 2.6 points from the week of February 23rd, the UFP lost 3.6 since March 15, wiping out its gains.

Polinews reporter Song Hee speculated that the widespread opinion that the Moon administration’s response to coronavirus has been successful could be one reason for the increase in support for the Democratic Party, while disunity stemming from controversial UFP nominations might have contributed to decreasing enthusiasm for the conservative party. The UFP leadership kept its 2017 presidential nominee Hong Jun-pyo and other big names out of the running for seats this year after they could not arrive at agreement on where to run. Some of them decided to run as independents.

The Justice Party, the leading minor party, has held steady at approximately 4.5 percent in each poll.

The Democratic Party also has been receiving good news in individual races. They lead in most of the hotly contested battlegrounds in Seoul.

Source: [총선이슈] 정당지지율 한 달 추이…민주당 40%대 상승세, 통합당 30%대 하락세

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